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When I became a Christian, God gifted me with understanding His scriptures. This ignited my interest in writing and providing clear ideas to help people grow spiritually. That is good because in high school, I did not have skill or interest in writing. To this day, I enjoy sharing my ideas more than the actual writing process.

My books are unique because they combine the written word with symbols and questions to help the reader learn the main principles they need to understand. They can be purchased at bookstores, online, or directly from me. I created Christian Concepts as an imprint of my company, New Reflections Counseling, Inc. Visit my blog to sample my writing and to learn more about my books for sale.

Since 2015 I have created several resources to help people become healthier emotionally:

Some Feedback

Matt's books are comprehensive. He writes using Scripture, but also includes needed understanding of helpful clinical theories. He adds practical tools, insightful questions, and easy-to-read charts.

Matt writes in a way that even one person in a marriage can benefit from Marriage From Roots To Fruits. Often only one spouse is ready to make some changes. The details of information and step-by-step activities helps a person stay focused on learning and assessing the state of their marriage.

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Annotated Bibliography


Future Work

I plan to continue writing and publishing in some capacity for the rest of my life. I am mostly a non-fiction writer, but I will delve into fiction at some point in order to create immersive stories in the games I develop.

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