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I have been programming computers since I purchased a Commodore 64 computer in the 1980s. I enjoy seeing a finished project help its end users accomplish their goals.

I have developed a variety of scientific, business, and internet software applications. I appreciate the whole process from brainstorming ideas, to planning a solution at a high level, to proving the concept will work by implementing it. Software development is fun because it organized and codifies ideas into useful tools for people.

Web-based Accounting System (ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL)

I created and maintain (improve) the main system I use to run my business. The application has many features including:

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Annotated Bibliography

Other than for research purposes, it has been a while since I have read a pure software development book. But I enjoy learning about algorithms.

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Future Work

While I have extensive experience developing software, I do not have any immediate plans for new projects (other than games and applications for my business).

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